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Paper Title: Improving Software Testing Speed by 100X With SystemC Virtualization in IoT Devices 
Affiliation Type: Industry 
Keywords: virtual prototype, embedded software testing, SystemC 
Abstract: In a typical semiconductor company focused on IoT, the development of low-level software follows a traditional testing approach that depends on the availability of a physical prototype before testing the communication between different components of the system. That makes the product software development dependent on the availability of the hardware, creating a bottleneck in the product development process. This work highlights different advantages of virtual prototypes over traditional approaches for software testing in IoT. Particularly, advantages regarding speedups in test execution time. In doing so, a virtual prototype was introduced to the embedded software testing methodology in Nordic Semiconductor. 
Track ID: 4.7 
Track Name: Bridging virtual prototyping, simulation, emulation and/or FPGA prototyping 
Final Decision: Accept as Poster 
Session Name: Prototyping and Emulation (Poster) 
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