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Paper Title: Media Performance Validation in Emulation and Post Silicon Using Portable Stimulus Standard 
Affiliation Type: Industry 
Keywords: PSS, Codec, Peformance, Emulation, Post Silicon, Validation, Media 
Abstract: The challenges of the post silicon validation are continuously increasing, driven by the higher levels of integration, increased silicon-on-chip complexity and platform performance requirements. There is continuous improvement in methodologies to reduce the cost and improve debug throughput that can have huge impact in the time-to-market of the products. Based on bottlenecks of the performance validation done on multiple SOCs, we propose enhanced validation methodology using Portable Stimulus Standard. This methodology overcomes all the limitations, manual efforts done by the validation engineers and bridges the Pre-Silicon, Post Silicon and Software teams effortlessly. 
Track ID: 4.3 
Track Name: Applications of the Accellera Portable Stimulus Standard 
Final Decision: Accept as Lecture 
Session Name: Portable Stimulus (Lecture) 
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