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Paper Title: How to Overcome Editor Envy: Why Can't My Editor Do That? 
Affiliation Type: Industry 
Keywords: Editor, IDE, LSP, Language Server Protocol, Vi, Vim, Emacs, Integrated Development Environment, Sublime Text 3, Visual Studio Code 
Abstract: The Language Server Protocol specification is gaining traction in the software world because of its enormous benefits. It is a proven system with client support on all the major editors and IDEs available today. As designs and testbenches become more complex, engineers are constantly searching for tools to get the job done more quickly, with higher efficiency, and with fewer mistakes. This paper will make the case for forming a committee to implement the SystemVerilog language in the Language Server Protocol. 
Track ID: 1.3 
Track Name: Debug and analysis of complex designs 
Final Decision: Accept as Lecture 
Session Name: Debug and Analysis 1 (Lecture) 
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Confirmed: Yes