Session Index

Lecture Sessions
Tuesday March 02, 2021 (09:00-10:30)

Debug and Analysis 1  Chair: Kelly Larson - Tesla; Stephen Donofrio - Paradigm Works;

Portable Stimulus  Chair: Tom Fitzpatrick - Mentor, A Siemens Company; Phu Huynh - Cadence Design Systems;

Verification Languages  Chair: Srivatsa Vasudevan - Cortina; Don Mills - Microchip;

Tuesday March 02, 2021 (15:00-17:00)

Advanced Methodologies 1  Chair: Kaiming Ho - Independent; Dave Rich - Mentor, A Siemens Company;

Advanced Methodologies 2  Chair: Paul Marriott - Verilab; Ning Guo - AMD;

UVM and RISC-V  Chair: Vibarajan Viswanathan - Samsung; Logie Ramachandran - Accelver Systems Inc.;

Wednesday March 03, 2021 (10:00-12:00)

Formal Verification  Chair: Xiaolin Chen - Synopsys; Mitchell Poplingher - Lockheed Martin Corp.;

Automation using Machine Learning  Chair: Dave Rich - Mentor, A Siemens Company; Mark Azadpour - First Pass Eng.;

Mixed Signal Design and Verification  Chair: Neel Sonara - Broadcom; Kamran Haqqani - Maxim Integrated;

Wednesday March 03, 2021 (15:00-16:30)

Debug and Analysis 2  Chair: Kamel Belhous - Teradyne; Nagi Naganathan - Northrop Grumman;

Low Power Design and Verification  Chair: Amit Srivastava - Synopsys; Progyna Khondkar - Mentor, A Siemens Company;

Verification Potpourri  Chair: Josh Rensch - Semifore;

Poster Sessions
Tuesday March 02, 2021 (10:30-12:00)

Verification Processes  Chair: Neel Sonara - Broadcom; Christine Thomson - Microsoft;

CDC  Chair: Kamel Belhous - Teradyne; Kaiming Ho - Independent;

Prototyping and Emulation  Chair: John Dickol - Samsung;

Verification Methodologies  Chair: Erik Seligman - Intel Corp.;

HW/SW Co-Verification  Chair: Progyna Khondkar - Mentor, A Siemens Company;

Modeling and Patterns  Chair: Srivatsa Vasudevan - Cortina; Progyna Khondkar - Mentor, A Siemens Company;