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Paper Title: Long-Term Instability of a Pulsed Optically Pumped Micro-Cell Rubidium Frequency Standard 
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Affiliation Type: Academia 
Keywords: Miniature atomic clock, double-resonance, microfabricated cell, micro loop gap resonator, light-shift, POP 
Abstract: We report on the current status of our pulsed optically pumped (POP) Rubidium (Rb) double resonance (DR) micro-cell atomic frequency standard. An estimation of the limiting parameters to the short-term stability is given, including the relatively high relaxation rates in the microcell employed. The stability measured beyond 104 seconds of integration time is < 2e-12. In particular, in POP operation the light-shift effect is reduced by at least two order of magnitude compared to continuous mode. 
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Track Name: Microwave Frequency Standards & Applications 
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Session Name: G3: Chip-scale Atomic Clocks (Lecture) 
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