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Paper Title: GNSS Time Transfer Exploiting High-Gain Antennas 
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Affiliation Type: Industry 
Keywords: GNSS time transfer, High gain antennas, GNSS calibration 
Abstract: In this paper we describe a new GNSS time transfer link between two ESA sites (in the Netherlands and Germany) exploiting the use of high gain antennas and common view satellites. This experimental link aims at improving the precision of code based GNSS time transfer, as well as investigating the achievable accuracy of the calibration of this new type of equipment. Initial results shown in the paper demonstrate an improved precision in the GNSS time transfer comparison, in particular when exploiting the Galileo AltBOC signal. The achievable accuracy of the solution is still under investigation, but initial uncertainty budget is encouraging 
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Track Name: Timekeeping, T & F Transfer, Telecom, GNSS and Applications 
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Session Name: G5: Microwave Satellite Time Transfer (Lecture) 
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