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Paper Title: 0.00016 deg/√hr Angle Random Walk (ARW) and 0.0014 deg/hr Bias Instability (BI) from a 5.2M-Q and 1-cm Precision Shell Integrating (PSI) Gyroscope 
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Affiliation Type: Academia 
Keywords: Micro-Shell Gyroscope, Navigation grade, Low noise, High-Q 
Abstract: We report record results from a small fused-silica precision shell integrating (PSI) gyroscope. The 1-cm diameter metal-coated shell has a Q of 5.2M and provides a measured angle random walk of 0.00016 deg/√hr and in-run bias instability of 0.0014 deg/hr without any temperature compensation. This performance for such a small shell gyroscope compares well with, and is even better than, the larger mHRG and HRG devices reported previously (Table 1). This performance, in a device this small, is achieved by optimizing the fabrication of the shell resonator so it provides high Q, large mass, high frequency resonance, and low as fabricated frequency mismatch. 
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Track Name: Electromechanical Inertial Sensors 
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Session Name: Gyroscope II (Lecture)