SPECIAL SESSION: The art of Building Large-scale Quantum Computers: From Physics to Engineering Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: C1L-M
Session Theme: Emerging Technologies {ET)
Location: Virtual Room 12
Date & Time: Wednesday October 14, 2020 (17:15 - 18:55)
Chair: Andrei Vladimirescu,
Carmen G. Almudever


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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2595 14.18 Position-Based CMOS Charge Qubits for Scalable Quantum Processors at 4K
Robert Bogdan Staszewski, Panagiotis Giounanlis, Ali Esmailiyan, Hongying Wang, Imran Bashir, Cagri Cetintepe, Dennis...
2608 14.18 Silicon Spin Qubit Control and Readout Circuits in 22nm FDSOI CMOS
Raffaele R. Severino, Michele Spasaro, Domenico Zito
2610 14.18 Efficient and Correct Compilation of Quantum Circuits
Robert Wille, Stefan Hillmich, Lukas Burgholzer
2622 14.18 Enumerating Optimal Quantum Circuits Using Spectral Classification
Giulia Meuli, Mathias Soeken, Martin Roetteler, Giovanni De Micheli
2623 14.18 An Overview of Quantum Algorithms: from Quantum Supremacy to Shor Factorization
Subhasree Patro, Álvaro Piedrafita