SPECIAL SESSION: Advanced Energy-Efficient Wireline & Optical Communications Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: B2L-08
Session Theme: After 5G & Multi-Gigabit Communications {A5G)
Location: Virtual Room 8
Date & Time: Tuesday May 25, 2021 (10:00 - 11:40)
Chair: Armin Tajalli,
Ross Walker


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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2407 14.18 VLC Modelization for VLC-PLC System: Evaluation of Optical, Electrical, and Frequency Behavior
Yara Yaacoub, Fabienne Nouvel, Sylvain Haese, Jean-Yves Baudais
2122 14.18 Pre-FEC and Post-FEC BER as Criteria for Optimizing Wireline Transceivers
Ming Yang, Shayan Shahramian, Henry Wong, Peter Krotnev, Anthony Chan Carusone
1583 14.18 Optimal PAM Order for Wireline Communication
Asif Wahid, Rajath Bindiganavile, Armin Tajalli
1940 14.18 Channel Operating Margin as Transceiver Architecture Design Tool
Luisa Fernanda Dovale Vargas, Elkim Roa
2127 14.18 Link Bit-Error-Rate Requirement Analysis for Deep Neural Network Accelerators
Jaewon Lee, Gain Kim, Jinho Park, Hyeonmin Bae