TMI: Poster PM - Biomedical Diagnostic & Imaging Transducers Session
Session Type: Poster
Session Code: B5P-22
Location: 16
Date & Time: Wednesday September 09, 2020 (11:30 - 13:30)
Chair: Qifa Zhou



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1396 5.5 Nonlinear Electrical Impedance of the Acoustic Stack in Cardiac Ultrasound Probe
Thong Huynh, Lars Hoff, Trym Eggen
1583 5.5 Lead-Free 2D Ultrasonic Array for Acoustic Radiation Force Optical Coherence Elastography of Retina
Haochen Kang, Robert Wodnicki, Yizhe Sun, Xuejun Qian, Ruimin Chen, Yan Li, Takayuki Matsuoka, Masato Yamazaki, Ahmad...
1713 5.5 High-Frequency Endoscopic Linear Arrays for Intraluminal Imaging
Carlos-Felipe Roa, Jianhua Yin, Aaron Boyes, Emmanuel Chérin, Nidhi Singh, Bahar Motlagh, Stuart Foster, Christine D...
1716 5.5 Development of Ultrasound Transducers for Gating the Acquisition of Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography (CTCA)
Stephan Strassle Rojas, Graham Collins, Srini Tridandapani, Brooks Lindsey
1888 5.5 Broadband Frequency Emission (cMUT) and Reception (PVDF) for Super Harmonic Imaging
Igor Campos Vilas Boas, Rémi Rouffaud, Laurent Colin, Frédéric Ossant, Franck Levassort, Dominique Certon
1996 5.5 Orthogonal Bowtie-Shaped 2D Array for Real-Time 3D Imaging
Jesse Yen, Robert Wodnicki
2088 5.5 High Frequency 1.75D Array Using a 3D Printed Pitch-Changing Interposer Backing
Robert Wodnicki, Haochen Kang, Yizhe Sun, Laiming Jiang, Haotian Lu, Qifa Zhou
2332 5.5 Transducer Fabrication Using a 355nm Pulsed Picosecond Laser – Rapid Prototyping of 40 MHz Composites, Custom Electrode Patterns, and Circularly Symmetric Curvable Composite Patterns
Jeffrey Woodacre, Thomas Landry, Jeremy Brown
2364 5.5 Fusion of Ultrasonic Tracking with an Inertial Measurement Unit for High-Accuracy 3D Space Localization
Jiale Hu, Howuk Kim, Qianqian Cai, Chang Peng, Mengyue Chen, Juan Prieto, Alan Rosenbaum, Jeffrey Stringer, Xiaoning ...
2367 5.5 Spatial Calibration for 3D Freehand Ultrasound via Independent General Motions
Qianqian Cai, Jian-yu Lu, Chang Peng, Juan Prieto, Alan Rosenbaum, Jeffrey Stringer, Xiaoning Jiang