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Paper Title: Ultrasound-Enhanced Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy Provides Improved Yield in Human Tissue 
Affiliation Type: Academia 
Keywords: Biomedical engineering, nonlinear ultrasound, medical device, medical ultrasonic needle, transducer, biopsy, human tissue, tonsils, tumor, 
Abstract: Needle biopsy is a common procedure of tissue sampling, broadly used in cancer diagnostics. Two needle methods are widely used, but both solutions are having shortcomings. Ultrasound-enhanced Fine Needle Biopsy (USeFNAB) aims to improve the collected sample by vibrating the needle at ultrasonic frequency. This can help in detaching the cells from the target tissue, leading to a greater mass collection with minimal tissue trauma. In this study, we demonstrate how this technology can be used to enhance the biopsy yield in ex vivo human tissue, showing great potential for future clinical applications. 
Track ID: 1.9 
Track Name: System & Device Design (MSD) 
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Session Name: MSD: Novel Devices for Tissue Characterization & Investigation (AM) (Poster) 
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