Lecture - Session 3a Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: A1L-03
Location: Room 3
Date & Time: Tuesday November 17, 2020 (16:00 - 17:30)
Chair: Claude Emond,
Peter Hoet


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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1059 3 A Weight of Evidence Approach to Classify Nanomaterials According to the CLP Regulation
Gianpietro Basei, Alex Zabeo, Georgia Tsiliki, Danail Hristozov
1141 3 Development of an Adverse Outcome Pathway for Chronic and Multi-Generational Impacts of Nanomaterials in the Environmental Indicator Species Daphnia Magna
Iseult Lynch, Katie Reilly, Mihaela Roxana Cimpan, Anne-Marthe Drønen, Ivan Rios-Mondragon Rios-Mondragon, Sebastien...
1125 3 Nanomaterial-Relevant Adverse Outcome Pathways Developed With Support From SmartNanoTox and PATROLs
Sabina Halappanavar, Sybille van Den Brule, Penny Nymark, Laurent Gaté, Carole Seidel, Sarah Valentino, Vadim Zherno...
1005 3 Predicting In Vitro Neurotoxicity Induced by Nanoparticles Using Machine Learning
Irini Furxhi, Finbarr Murphy
1049 3 Early Exposure to Nanomaterials: A Risk Factor to Develop Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ?
Jonathan Bruniaux, Audrey Geeverding, Bernard Angeletti, Jerôme Rose, Yuli Watanabe, Sophie Lanone
1010 3 Towards a Better Trial of Occupational Exposures: In Vitro Macrophage Systems for Repeated Nanomaterial Exposure Study
Anaëlle Torres, Bastien Dalzon, Thierry Rabilloud
1129 3 Safer-by-Design InP Quantum Dots
Fanny Dussert, Karl David Wegner, Géraldine Sarret, Peter Reiss, Marie Carriere
1144 3 Changes in Telomere Length and mtDNAcn Induced by MWCNT Exposure in the Workplace
Manosij Ghosh, Lisa Janssen, Dries Martens, Deniz Öner, Jelle Vlaanderen, Anjoeka Pronk, Eelco Kuijpers, Roel Vermeu...
1072 3 The Use of sp-ICP-MS to Study the Behavior of Inhaled TiO2 NPs in Lung's Compartments
Ibtihel Bendhiab, Emmanuel Peyret, Anthony Lecomte, Franck Robidel, Arnaud Papin, Olivier Aguerre-Chariol, Bénédict...
1014 3 Toxicological Relevance of Synthetic Amorphous Silica Aggregates
Sivakumar Murugadoss, Sybille van Den Brule, Frederic Brassinne, Noham Sebaïhi, Jorge Mejia, Lode Godderis, Jan Mast...