SPECIAL SESSION: Ubiquitous DC-DC Converters Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: A3L-B
Location: Room 309B
Date & Time: Monday June 20, 2022 (13:30 - 14:45)
Chair: Yvon Savaria,
Van-Ha Nguyen


Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

7043 18.6 High-and Low-Sides Asymmetric Deadtimes Generator for High-Efficiency Buck Converter Design
Mousa Karimi, Amir Aghajani, Mohamed Ali, Mohamad Sawan, Benoit Gosselin
7136 18.6 Investigation of Different Integrated Temperature Monitoring Sensors for High-Voltage SoC DC-DC Converters
Nader El-Zarif, Mohamed Ali, Mostafa Amer, Ahmad Hassan, Aziz Oukaira, Ahmed Lakhssassi, Christian Jesus B. Fayomi, Y...
7152 18.6 Multi-Phase Hybrid Boost Converter with High Conduction Loss Reduction and Fast Dynamic Response for Automotive Applications
Van Ha Nguyen, Xuan-Dien Do, Yves Blaquière, Glenn Cowan
7153 18.6 A Reconfigurable Power System-in-Package Module Using GaN HEMTs and IC Bare Dies on LTCC Substrate: Design - Implementation - Experiment and Future Directions
Van Ha Nguyen, Nueraimaiti Aimaier, Gabriel Nober Nobert, Tan Pham, Nicolas Constantin, Yves Blaquière, Glenn Cowan
7184 18.6 A 400V Gate Driver with Complementary Slope Sensing ZVS Detector and High Voltage Level Shifter for Full-Bridge Phase-Shifted Converters
Wei Zhu, Arindam Mishra, Arijit Karmakar, Valentijn De Smedt