Analog Circuit Design 2 Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: B1L-A
Location: Room 309A
Date & Time: Tuesday June 21, 2022 (08:30 - 09:45)
Chair: Gordon Robert,
Sylvain Bourdel


    Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

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7049 1 A Capacitively-Coupled Chopper Instrumentation Amplifier for Implantable Bridge Sensor Systems
Mustafa Besirli, Kerim Ture, Maurice Beghetti, Catherine Dehollain, Marco Mattavelli, Diego Barrettino
7066 1 A 0.3-V Energy-Efficient Low-Noise CMOS OTA for Portable Bioelectric Signal Acquisition Systems
Fatemeh Akbar, Amir Sohrab Shabrang, Ali Fatemi Mofrad, Mohammad Hossein Tazari, Amir Ahmad Isazadeh
7067 1 A Fast Interface Circuit Using Multiple Signal Paths for High Bandwidth Hall Sensors
Ayesha Hassan, Asma Mahar, K. Asif Faruque, Satish Shetty, Gregory J. Salamo, H. Alan Mantooth
7071 1 A New Design Methodology to Improve the Input-Referred Noise of Analog Front-End Circuits
Mahdi Tarkhan, Mohamad Sawan
7172 1 A Novel Analog-Front-End Circuit of the Touch System for Display Panel
Xiaoyu Guo, Hongge Li