Mini-Symposium: Wearable and Implantable On-chip Intelligent Devices for Biomedical Applications 1 Session
Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: B1L-B
Location: Room 309B
Date & Time: Tuesday June 21, 2022 (08:30 - 09:45)
Chair: Mohamad Sawan,
Hadi Heidari


Papers are listed in the order they will be presented.

7179 18.3 A Closed-Loop Ear Wearable EEG Measurement Device with Realtime Electrode Skin Impedance Measurement
Muhammad Sheeraz, Abdul Rehman Aslam, Muhammad Awais Bin Altaf, Hadi Heidari
7038 18.5 A Tiny BLE Platform for Wireless Brain Monitoring and Optogenetics Stimulation
Gabriel Gagnon-Turcotte, Benoit Gosselin
7073 18.3 A 208µW PPG-Based Glucose Monitoring SoC Using Ensembled Boosted Trees
Aminah Hina, Sameen Minto, Wala Saadeh
7185 18.8 A 10-b 330nW Third-Order Predictive SAR ADC Dedicated to Neural Recording Brain Implants
Mohsen Namavar, Reza Lotfi, Amir Masoud Sodagar
7092 18.3 A Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) Regressor Network for Monitoring the Depth of Anesthesia
Muhammad Ibrahim Dutt, Wala Saadeh