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Paper Title: Implementation of Pulse-Based Multiplexing Protocol for Massive IoT 
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Affiliation Type: Academia 
Keywords: Multiplexing, Massive IoT, IoT, Protocol, Wireless Communication, APCMA, Pulse communication 
Abstract: For the realization of an Internet of Things (IoT) with high densities of resource-restricted IoT devices, it is necessary to design an effective multiplexing protocol. Asynchronous Pulse-Code Multiple Access (APCMA) has been proposed as a brain-inspired communication protocol based on pulse-like signals. Compared with conventional multiple access protocols, APCMA allows multiple transmitters to transmit encoded pulse signals at arbitrary time with collisions. In this paper, we implemented APCMA protocol on FPGA and evaluate its performance in wireless communication. From implementation, we can see that the APCMA protocol allows IoT devices to multiplex messages on the same channel simultaneously by encoding. 
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Track Name: Special Sessions 
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Session Name: (S8-2) Complex Communication Sciences (Lecture)