LaTeX Style File and MS Word Template:
Creating PDF files:
  1. Software - As mentioned above, only electronic submission of papers in PDF format is accepted. There are several methods for creating PDF files: Adobe Distiller, PDFWriter, ps2pdf, dvipdfm, pdflatex, and so on. Generally Adobe Distiller provides higher quality output than others, and is therefore preferred.

  2. Embedding Fonts - All fonts must be embedded into the PDF file of your paper including the following standard 14 fonts:
    • Courier
    • Courier, Italic
    • Courier, Bold
    • Courier, Bold Italic
    • Arial MT
    • Arial MT, Italic
    • Arial MT, Bold
    • Arial MT, Bold Italic
    • Times New Roman PS MT
    • Times New Roman PS MT, Italic
    • Times New Roman PS MT, Bold
    • Times New Roman PS MT, Bold Italic
    • Symbol
    • ZapfDingbats
    that come with Acrobat Reader, so that the file can be viewed correctly on any computer. The method of embedding fonts is different on various systems and PDF creation mechanisms; for example, in Adobe Disitller, choose Job Options and check Embed All Fonts. For authors using other software, please refer to your own help sources.

    Before submission, please make sure that all fonts are embedded into the PDF file you have created. To view the font information for a PDF, open the file in an Acrobat Reader, go to the File menu, select Document Info, and then Fonts. The Font Info dialog box displays font information. If Used Font column is set to Embedded or Embedded Subset, it means that the font is correctly embedded.

  3. File Protection - Please do neither password protect nor encrypt your PDF file so that we can insert headings and page numbers.

If you are having trouble creating your paper, make sure to check the Author Help page.