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Lecture Sessions
Tuesday May 11, 2021 (11:40-13:20)

Estimation and Detection in Challenging Target Scenarios  Chair: Francesca Filippini - Sapienza University of Rome; Hongbin Li - Stevens Institute of Technology;

SPECIAL SESSION: 20 Years of Waveform Diversity: Progress Toward Realizable Systems  Chair: Shannon Blunt - University of Kansas; Eric Mokole - MITRE Corporation;

SPECIAL SESSION: Next-Gen Automotive Radars : Opportunities and Challenges  Chair: Igal Bilik - Ben Gurion Univeristy of the Negev; Sandeep Rao - Texas Instruments;

SPECIAL SESSION: Quantum Radar Theory and Practice (Part I)  Chair: Bhashyam Balaji - DRDC; Fred Daum - Raytheon;

Tuesday May 11, 2021 (14:20-16:20)

Estimation and Detection in Clutter and Interference  Chair: Stephanie Bidon - University of Toulouse; Batu Krishna Chalise - New York Institute of Technology;

Waveforms & Waveform Diversity  Chair: Frank Robey - MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Fabrizio Santi - Sapienza University of Rome;

Automotive Applications of Radar  Chair: Kumar Vijay Mishra - US Army Research Laboratory; Christian Waldschmidt - Univ. Of Ulm;

SPECIAL SESSION: Quantum Radar Theory and Practice (Part II)  Chair: Bhashyam Balaji - DRDC; Fred Daum - Raytheon;

Wednesday May 12, 2021 (08:00-09:40)

Adaptive Signal Processing  Chair: Micheal Picciolo - SAIC; Luke Rosenberg - DST Group;

SPECIAL SESSION: Deep Learning and AI for Radar (Part I)  Chair: Sevgi Zubeyde Gurbuz - The University of Alabama; Graeme Smith - Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab;

UAV Detection and Classification  Chair: Carmine Clemente - University of Strathclyde; Mark Govoni - Army Research Laboratory;

Terahertz & mmWave Radar  Chair: Marina Gashinova - University of Birmingham; Lam Nguyen - Army Research Laboratory;

Wednesday May 12, 2021 (09:40-11:20)

ECCM & Interference Cancellation  Chair: Danilo Orlando - Università degli Studi Niccolò Cusano; Ram Raghavan - Air Force Research Lab;

SPECIAL SESSION: Deep Learning and AI for Radar (Part II)  Chair: Sevgi Zubeyde Gurbuz - The University of Alabama; Graeme Smith - Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab;

SPECIAL SESSION: Short-Range Radar Applications to Security  Chair: Alessio Balleri - Cranfield University; Victor Chen - ONR (Rtd);

Medical and Biological Applications  Chair: Fauzia Ahmad - Temple University; Moeness Amin - Villanova University;

Wednesday May 12, 2021 (11:40-13:20)

MIMO Radar Techniques  Chair: Guolong Cui - University of Electronic Science & Technology of China; Muralidhar Rangaswamy - AFRL;

SPECIAL SESSION: Machine Learning for Future Radar Technology  Chair: Anthony Martone - U.S. Army; Justin Metcalf - University of Oklahoma;

Radar Recognition Techniques and Applications  Chair: Maria Sabrina Greco - University of Pisa; Matthew Ritchie - University College London;

SPECIAL SESSION: Biomedical and e-Healthcare Applications of Radar  Chair: Kevin Chetty - University College London; Mohammud J. Bocus - Bristol University;

Wednesday May 12, 2021 (14:20-16:20)

Array Processing  Chair: Elias Aboutanios - UNSW Australia; Braham Himed - Air Force Research Lab;

Cognitive Radar & Machine Learning  Chair: Kristine Bell - Metron; Nathan Goodman - University of Oklahoma;

Target Localization and Classification at short ranges  Chair: Laura Anitori - TNO; Willie Nel - CSIR;

Software Defined Radar & Low-cost radar  Chair: Piotr Samczynski - Warsaw University of Technology; John Stralka - Northrop Grumman Corporation;

Thursday May 13, 2021 (08:00-09:40)

SPECIAL SESSION: Spaceborne SAR Missions: State of the Art and Future Developments  Chair: Dirk Geudtner - European Space Agency (ESA)   ; Alberto Moreira - German Aerospace Center (DLR);

Multichannel and Multistatic Passive Radar  Chair: Pierfrancesco Lombardo - Sapienza University of Rome; Daniel O'Hagan - Fraunhofer FHR;

Spectrum Sharing  Chair: Daniel Bliss - Arizona State University; Aboulnasr Hassanien - Wright State University;

SPECIAL SESSION: Synergistic Radar Signal Processing and Tracking  Chair: Erik Leitinger - Graz University of Technology; Florian Meyer - University of California San Diego;

Thursday May 13, 2021 (09:40-11:20)

Information Extraction from SAR images  Chair: Stefan V. Baumgartner - German Aerospace Center (DLR); Birsen Yazici - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute;

Passive Radar Applications  Chair: Diego Cristallini - Fraunhofer FHR; Krzysztof Kulpa - Warsaw University of Technology;

Resource Management  Chair: Raviraj Adve - University of Toronto; Alexander Charlish - Fraunhofer FKIE;

Tracking and Fusion  Chair: Dale Blair - Georgia Tech; Peter Willett - University of Connecticut;

Thursday May 13, 2021 (11:40-13:20)

Radar Imaging  Chair: Marco Martorella - Univ. of Pisa and CNIT; Brian Rigling - Wright State University;

SPECIAL SESSION: Multistatic and Networked Radar - a Tribute to Viktor Chernyak  Chair: Alfonso Farina - Retired; Hugh Griffiths - University College London (UCL);

SPECIAL SESSION: Digital Array Radar  Chair: Kenneth W. O’Haver - Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab; Salvador H. Talisa - Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab;

Clutter and Target Signatures  Chair: Francesco Fioranelli - TU Delft; Simon Watts - Thales;

Thursday May 13, 2021 (14:20-16:00)

Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging  Chair: Julie Jackson - Air Force Institute of Technology; Laurent Savy - Thales Group;

Multistatic and Distributed MIMO systems  Chair: Mohamed Jahangir - University of Birmingham; Debora Pastina - Sapienza University of Rome;

Antennas and Components  Chair: Alan Fenn - MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Daniel Rabideau - MIT Lincoln Laboratory;

Ground-Penetrating and Sounding  Chair: Lorenzo Lo Monte - Telephonics; Mark Yeary - University of Oklahoma;