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Paper Title: Development of an Optical Sensor for the Non-Destructive Testing of Grinding Burn 
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Affiliation Type: Academia 
Keywords: grinding burn, optical non-destructive testing, degree of grinding burn, average roughness, in situ testing, sensor fusion, real-time monitoring 
Abstract: A simple yet an effective approach for the non-destructive testing of the occurrence of the grinding burn on the workpieces during and post grinding process using a stand-alone optical sensor is proposed. The fact of grinding burn deteriorating the surface morphology is exploited by an optical sensor set-up for the quantification and non-destructive detection of the grinding burn. Reference grinding burn with varying levels are ground in 42CrMo4 workpiece for the sensor development. The average roughness of the grinding burn is found to increase with increasing level of grinding burn, for e.g. it increased from 283 nm to 491 nm for the minimum and strongest degree of grinding burn, respectively. The light intensity (reflection mode) is found to decrease with increasing degree of grinding burn. A relative change of intensity within the investigated range of grinding burn is ca. 62%. 
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Track Name: Optical Sensors 
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Session Name: Optical Sensors III (Poster)